Score Format

MuseBook Score uses MusicXML.
  • MusicXML, "An Internet-Friendly Format for Sheet Music"
  • We are dedicated to provide you with better and easier way of getting score files by adopting MusicXML, the most compatible file format in music. MusicXML is developed by Recordare to create an Internet-friendly method of publishing musical scores, enabling musicians and music fans to get more out of their online music.
  • You can create MusicXML files with your Finale, Sibelius, SharpEye, PhotoScore, MuseData, Virtual Composer and many more. For more information, visit

MusicXML and MuseBook Score
  • XML for Music from Electronic Musician
  • "MusicXML is also finding its way into hardware applications, such as the AMuseTec MuseBook Score." - Reprinted from "Desktop Musician: XML for Music," in the December 2003 issue of Electronic Musician.
  • Recordare Announces MusicXML 1.0
  • "While MusicXML support has been shipping with Finale and SharpEye Music Reader for some time, we wanted real-life experience with a wider range of applications before releasing version 1.0," stated Michael Good, CEO of Recordare LLC. "Now that applications such as MuseBook Score and the Rosegarden sequencer use MusicXML, we have reached that goal."

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