Automatic Page Turning
  • MuseBook Score's automated page turning makes you concentrate on music better. Piano practice becomes far more effective.
Current Position Display
  • MuseBook Score responds to your piano performance and indicates the current performing note with a color your defined. This makes reading score easier and practicing more fun.
Expressive Score Play
  • MuseBook Score plays selected score using MIDI. Listening to score before you practice helps you understand and memorize the music.
Music Recognition Capability
  • MuseBook Score is the world's first electronic score solution with Music Recognition capability. It actually listens you!
Piano practicing is more fun, easier, and more effective.
  • Everybody knows practice makes perfect, but practicing itself isn't very fun to keep it steady. MuseBook Score turns often tedious and tiring piano practicing into more fun and enjoyable pastime. So you want to play more and longer.

Components of MuseBook Score Product and MuseBook MidiScore Product

MuseBook Score Product for both acoustic(grand or upright) and digital piano
  • USB license for copy protection and license management.
  • MuseBook Score software CD includes MuseBook Score program for acoustic piano and MuseBook MidiScore program for digital piano.
  • High-fidelity microphone for receiving piano sound.

MuseBook MidiScore Product for digital piano with MIDI interface
  • MuseBook MidiScore software CD includes MuseBook MidiScore program for digital piano.
  • USB license for copy protection and license management.

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